Pressurized Irrigation Systems

What is now called Pressurized Irrigation Systems is a very broad subject that can hardly be categorized. Simply put, a pressurized irrigation system forms a network of pipes and fittings in which water flows from the main source to the farm surface inside the pipe and with displacement pressure. The main differences between traditional pressurized […]

Efficiency and Adequacy of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Examination of irrigation system performance indicates that 5% of land is irrigated under pressurized irrigation (including drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation). Also in the scientific community and expert theories available in the country, the yield or potential achieved in sprinkler irrigation systems is about 85%. After a few rows of statistics, we can understand the […]

Irrigation Types

Irrigation means the indirect and abnormal use of soil water through various pipe and pump systems and spraying. Irrigation is usually carried out in areas where there is irregular rainfall or during drought or dry seasons. There are various types of irrigation systems in which water is uniformly supplied to the whole land. Purified or […]