Our History

In order to promote the quality of equipment, improve applied methods of irrigation systems and reduction in costs ABARA Company has started its activities in the field of production and supplying of irrigation equipment since 1995. ABARA now provides a wide range of products in the field of irrigation using sprinkler systems and localized irrigation.


Our Quality Policy


We are committed to supplying highest quality and services to our customers. So in order to achieve this goal we have established quality control department exactly based on ISO 9001-2008 requirements.

Our quality policy comes from these principles:

-providing customer satisfaction.

-Improve the quality of our production.

-Increase of our staff knowledge and proficiency continuity.

Our Certificates

ABARA has numerous certificates both from international and domestic science & research communities:

    • License for designing pressurized irrigation systems from Office of Irrigation Networks and Methods
    • Authorization to recognize the implementation of irrigation projects by the Management and Planning Organization of the country
    • Certificate from Deputy of Industries and Infrastructure Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture
    • Certificate from Karaj Agricultural Machinery Testing Group
    • Certificate from Jihad Technology Development Institute, Sharif University of Technology
    • Certificate from the Polymer Engineering Faculty of Amir Kabir University of Technology
    • ISO certification by URS UK