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UPVC Riser

The Abara two-end threaded U-PVC risers are produced in three sizes (2", 1-1/2", and 2") applying a special UPVC compound to be used in sprinkler irrigation systems.
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clamp saddle

ABARA clamp saddles are the ideal solution for branching from PE or PVC pipeline for water and irrigation applications. These clamp saddles are resistant to permissible working pressure and their branches are boosted such that they prevent plastic deformation under thermal and environmental conditions.
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Quick valve

In addition to the permanent irrigation systems, Quick Valves are also used in portable irrigation systems and landscaping irrigation. Merely snap the riser in place at a desired fixed valve position and it is ready to be used. When the riser is removed it will be shut automatically.
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Sprinkler Riser

ABARA Aluminum and polymer risers offer solutions for connecting Quick Valve, used for conveying water in landscape and farming applications.
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ABAN Sprinklers

The ABANʼs water flow rate ranges between 2 and 5.9 lit/s and covers an area up to depend on the nozzlediameter and the nominal pressure. For various applications, the sprinklers' nozzles are changeable while two adjustable jet breakers are applied to alter the water spray (i.e. rainfall) pattern.
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ARAS Sprinklers

ورودی آب‌پاش ارس 1-1/2 اینچ بوده و زاویه پاشش آن 23 درجه است. همراه با نازل یدکی 7،8،10،12 - ساخته شده بر اساس استاندارد ISO7749-1 - یک سال گارانتی - ده سال خدمات پس از فروش
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